Meet 2nd Grade Teacher, Ms. Paula Bishop

9610DEDF-1351-4FCF-87FB-7FC0E170E134This month we have the pleasure of getting to know Paula Bishop. Paula lived in California when she was younger, but Colorado is her home. She started high school in Elizabeth, CO. She had horses, dogs, cats, and a bunny. Paula’s mom is a teacher and growing up she would tell Paula that she would be a great teacher. When Paula went to college at UNC in Greeley, her choices were either teaching or athletic training, but then she took chemistry and teacher it was! We are so happy it was and couldn’t agree more with her mom!

Paula spent a summer living in Kenya toward the end of her college years. She lived with a Kenya family, and it was a totally different life then she had ever experienced. She spent her time at the Mother Teresa Orphanage. There she saw what a big impact being a teacher could be.

Paula did her student teaching at Cherry Creek and worked for two years at Academy Charter. This is her second year at Sage Canyon as a 2nd grade teacher.

She met her husband at their really good friends’ wedding. She was the coordinator and he was the DJ. A year and half later those same friends were in their wedding!

Paula loves baking, spending time with her husband, and taking walks with her 7-month-old puppy, Satch. She got Satch from Mrs. Vaughan’s animal shelter. She also loves to travel and went to Italy this past summer.

We are so happy that we have Mrs. Bishop at Sage Canyon to teach our kids. Make sure when you see her to say “Hi!”


Wish Week

12650909_1037147262975265_3476831019745470151_nSage Canyon was fortunate to be able to participate in Douglas County High School’s Wish Week. Amazing things happen during this week as the focus is a child that has selected a wish as part of the Make A Wish Foundation. Thank you all for your amazing support. It is truly a blessing to witness our children care and focus on another child’s wish. So many examples of our kiddos bringing in their own money and donating it to the cause.

On Feb. 1, Miss Goings’ 5th graders presented 1000 paper cranes and $1,076 to Douglas County High School’s Wish Week on behalf of all Wranglers. Thank you so much for all the support and donations!


March 2016 Newsletter

NewsletterOur PTO newsletter for March 2016 is here! Get all the latest news — download our March 2016 Newsletter today. Enjoy!


Getting to Know First Grade Teacher, Ms. Page

pageAllow us the pleasure to introduce you to Ms. Page. She is a HUGE sports fan, cheering on everyone from the Rockies, Avs, Broncos, and even the Buckeyes. She loves her sports teams so much that she has named her furry family members, Brutus (a Chihuahua/minpin) and Seymour (a Chihuahua/Jack Russell) after her favorite team’s mascots.

Ms. Page is also very close to her family. She spends a lot of her time hanging out with her younger brother Addam, who is only 18 months younger than her. She loves shopping, going to the movies, and Starbucks!

Ms. Page is in her second year teaching here at Sage Canyon and also did her student teaching with Ms. Schubarth in 2nd grade. If you were to ask Ms. Page’s mom, she would tell you that she knew her daughter was going to be a teacher. During her childhood, Ms. Page loved to play school with her friends.

For a while, Ms. Page entertained the idea of becoming a paramedic or a neonatal nurse. But in the end, she decided that her love for children was best served by getting a degree in Early Childhood Education from Metro State College.

We are so glad Ms. Page decided to invest in the future of our children. If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet Ms. Page yet, please make sure you say “hi!”


February 2016 Newsletter

NewsletterOur PTO newsletter for February 2016 is here! Get all the latest news — download our February 2016 Newsletter today. Enjoy!


Help DCHS Make A Wish for Jacob!

In keeping with our plan for providing “community give back” opportunities, we are excited to participate with Douglas County High School for the Douglas County High School Make A Wish Week 2016. Please read below the Make A Wish information about Jacob from Castle Rock.

We will be placing a Donation Box in the lobby beginning Friday, January 22nd. There is also the simple process of handling it with the donation link below. Time will get away from us because collection ends Monday, February 1st.  Please have your kiddos contribute any loose change in the lobby donation box.

Thank you in advance for all contributions!

From the Douglas County High School:

Douglas County’s Wish Week 2016 is just around the corner (starts Friday, January 22nd through Monday, February 1st). For those of you who don’t know what Wish Week is, here is a brief synopsis of what we are trying to do through the Make-A Wish foundation.

Since 1983, the Make-A-Wish Colorado Foundation has had the privilege of changing the lives and lifting the spirits of Colorado children with life-threatening medical conditions. Proceeds from the Make-A-Wish fundraising efforts are used to fulfill children’s dreams and create special memories for the entire family. They have done so for more than 4,400 children throughout the entire state.

DCHS can’t wait to begin the journey to hopefully grant a deserving child their wish! This year our “Wish Child” is a 12-year old boy named Jacob. Jacob has been diagnosed with Astrocytoma (a tumor that arises from the star-shaped cells (astrocytes) that form the supportive tissue of the brain). Jacob’s wish is to go to Hawaii and see where Jurassic World was filmed. Some of Jacob’s hobbies include math class, playing lacrosse, and hanging out with his friends.

Student Council at DCHS couldn’t be more excited to host another Wish Week and help raise money for the foundation. We are asking for more support than ever before. Our goal is $20,000 or more. Last year DCHS raised nearly $17,500, so we hope to top that in 2016. A very important note is that Jacob is from Castle Rock, so we want to help give one of our “own” a memory that he’ll never forget.Please encourage your children to contribute to the effort! We accept cash donations and loose change throughout the week in the designated donation boxes around the school.

You can donate online at the following link:


Meet 2nd Grade Teacher, Ms. Embrey!!

embreyThis month, for our teacher spotlight, we would like you to learn more about second grade teacher, Ms. Embrey. Ms. Embrey was born in Taiwan and moved to various amazing locations throughout her childhood ranging from Hong Kong, Rome, Milan, and Germany as her Dad worked with the State Department. Throughout her childhood, her family always returned to Northern Virginia in between their international stops. Betsy graduated high school from an international school in Hong Kong!

She graduated college from the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia, with a degree in Fine Arts and Teaching Certifications in Art and Early Childhood Education. After graduation, she took advantage of a position as an Airline Reservationist so she could travel. She then went on to obtain a degree in Advertising and Design and worked for the National Wildlife Federation.

She married her husband, who worked as a CFO for a builder, and moved to Colorado in 2000. Ms. Embrey has been teaching primarily 1st and 2nd grades throughout her career. She lives in Highlands Ranch and was one of the first teachers who opened Sage Canyon six years ago. Betsy has two daughters (24 and 20 years old). Her oldest daughter works as a social worker in Jefferson County, and her youngest received an academic scholarship and plays women’s ice hockey for the University of Massachusetts Boston where she is following in her mother’s footsteps with a Fine Arts degree, along with a degree in Communication.

In her spare time, Ms. Embrey loves to try new restaurants. She and her husband venture to all types of restaurants around Denver, with seafood being her favorite at the moment. Her favorite things to do are cooking, traveling, and spending time with her family.

Betsy has amazing stories of her childhood. She was reminiscing about a perfect Christmas in Austria when they would walk the beautiful streets in candlelight, with other families, on their way to church. One very touching and remarkable story is about her Mom. She was a nurse who helped open a clinic at the American Consulate in Hong Kong. Toward the end of the Vietnam War, she was instrumental in helping with something called Operation Baby Airlift. This was a US initiative that focused on getting orphaned Vietnamese babies out of Saigon and to the US for adoption. Her Mom’s picture is still on the website, and it is estimated that she helped get approximately 400 babies on flights to Seattle and Portland. Imagine caring for all those orphaned babies, feeding, changing, and caring for them as they made their way to the US. What an awe-inspiring piece of history.

Another amazing story was that Betsy was looking over her childhood scrapbook and saw a business-sized card which she had written underneath the words, “Someone’s Autograph.” It wasn’t until she was older that she realized that she had scrapbooked an autographed business-sized card of John Glenn. She had met the former astronaut and senator with her father who had helped with the Apollo mission as part of his job, when stationed in Italy.

When you see Ms. Embrey around school, please take a minute to thank her for everything she does for our kids. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to hear some of her amazing stories!

Thank you Ms. Embrey!!!!


Coats for Colorado: Thank you!

coatsWe continue to give back in amazing ways as a school community. It is estimated that we provided 200 coats for Coats For Colorado in November. Thank you so much to all who contributed. We will continue with our charitable events by hosting a canned food drive during our March events. Please look for more information in the coming weeks.



January 2016 Newsletter

NewsletterOur PTO newsletter for January 2016 is here! Get all the latest news — download our January 2016 Newsletter today. Enjoy!


Meet Professional Learning Specialist Ms. Crowe!

msCroweThis month, we’d like you to get to know Stephanie Crowe, our school’s Professional Learning Specialist. Stephanie grew up in Southern California in the San Fernando Valley. She received her Bachelor’s and Teaching Certificate from California State University North Ridge. Stephanie began her career in California at a private school for three years. It was then that she and her husband Bruce decided to go on an adventurous trip. They toured around the United States deciding where they wanted to put down roots and fell in love with our beautiful state!

They moved to Colorado in 1996 where Stephanie taught 3rd and 4th grades at Fox Creek and Saddle Ranch Elementary schools for 17 years. She is part of the original team that opened Sage Canyon and taught 5th and 6th grades before moving into her current role as Sage Canyon’s Professional Learning Specialist (PLS).

The Professional Learning Specialist role is a critical part of the Sage Canyon administrative leadership team and Stephanie’s 20 years of teaching helps significantly in this role. One of Stephanie’s critical roles is to mentor teachers. The State of Colorado has stringent requirements for any new teacher to Colorado, where they must participate in a two-year program. It is Stephanie’s responsibility to manage this program. Along with this work, she leads all professional development for the teachers.

Stephanie met her husband, Bruce, 23 years ago. He keeps very busy as a residential/commercial builder. They have a nine-year old daughter, Kyra, in Ms. Mann’s 4th grade class. When Kyra is not busy with school she loves singing and playing soccer. She sings in her church and the Sage Canyon choir. When Stephanie is not working, she and her family love to travel to the Caribbean, snowshoe, play board games and scrapbook. They also have a four-legged kid, a black lab named, Jack.

A fun fact about Stephanie that you may not know is that she met her husband Bruce at a Red Robin where she was a waitress. She also served the famous Heather Locklear!!!!

Please take a moment when you see Stephanie in the halls to say, “Hi,” and thank her for all the amazing work she does with our important teachers!


Operation Gratitude: Final Results

12208669_997176930305632_4677138147585966095_nWhat an amazing Sage Canyon Community we have.  We truly represent the concept of “build it and they will come.”  We put the process in place to collect Halloween Candy for our amazing troops through the wonderful organization Operation Gratitude, and you all delivered.  472 POUNDS OF CANDY!!!!!!  This is such a great organization delivering our Halloween candy to various locations around the world. It’s humbling to realize how these small treats help boost the morale and spirits of our amazing military. Thank you so much!



December 2015 Newsletter

NewsletterOur PTO newsletter for December 2015 is here! Get all the latest news — download our December 2015 Newsletter today. Enjoy!


Meet the Sage Canyon Chickens!

chickens chickens2  Two years ago third grade teachers at SGCE created a life science PBL project entitled, The Circle of Life. During this project, third graders studied the life cycles of mammals, fish, amphibians, insects, and birds. The project was wonderfully engaging and educational since the students were able to observe the birth, life metamorphosis, and sometimes the death of a sample of each of these creatures. One of the most engaging and exciting events of this project was the hatching of our baby chicks.

At the completion of the Circle of Life project, the third grade teachers began to “hatch” an idea themselves. Why couldn’t we keep our chicks? How wonderful would it be for SGCE students to raise chickens right here at Sage Canyon and sell their eggs? Imagine the authentic learning experience this could be! Why couldn’t the entire school and the SGCE community be involved in this project? This began the process of what is about to unfold for Sage Canyon Elementary this very week!

In a 21st Century world, where so much of our time is spent indoors on electronic equipment or running to and from one obligation to another, the Sage Canyon Chicken Coop offers our students an opportunity for hands-on involvement with what HOME and HOMEWORK may once have meant. The care and feeding of our chickens will bring a sense of grounding and community to us all. And while we are at it, we are still accomplishing work on the 21st century skills of collaboration, productivity, financial responsibility, and leadership.IMG_3020

There is much that has come before the arrival of our hatchlings to their home at SGCE. All of the funding for the coop has been earned by third graders of the past two years through their financial literacy/economics projects in the Castle Rock community. This project involved creating and producing a marketing product for a real Castle Rock business. That business then paid the students for their work. Those funds became the foundation of our chicken project. After many meetings with the district, hours of research, and general weekend construction with husbands, SGCE volunteers, and teachers, our coop is ready for its occupants!

There is still much left to do! Third and fourth grade teachers will initiate the care of the coop to truly understand what must be done each day. They will create a task sheet for classrooms to take over.  There are other schools in Douglas County who have offered us their permission slips, care, feeding, and cleaning checklists, and sanitary egg handling protocols. We are truly thankful for their cooperation. We are not pioneers in agriculture in our district, but we are the first in Castle Rock! Shortly, the community will receive notice of  a Sign-up Genius that will be available to families to take over the chicken coop during weekends and holidays. So, you can see this is truly a community project! Let’s keep our chickens safe and happy! After all, they belong to Sage Canyon!

A great big thank you goes out to the following chicken coop volunteers:  the Heath Family, the Rose Family, the Joe Schubarth Family, the Jeff Pepper Family, Charlie Mann, and Mr. Mann. Additionally, a special thank you goes to the Neuhausen family who fostered our first chicken hatchlings. These chickens could not join Sage Canyon due to red tape delays. We cannot thank you enough for your support! Here are some photos of our coop progress and volunteers!



November 2015 Newsletter

NewsletterOur PTO newsletter for November 2015 is here! Get all the latest news — download our November 2015 Newsletter today. Enjoy!


Teacher Spotlight: Meet 6th Grade Teacher, Ms. Keely Vaughan

keelyThis month, we want you to learn more about Ms. Vaughan! Keely Vaughan grew up in Littleton, CO, and attended Columbine High School. She went on to Creighton University where she studied Journalism with an emphasis in Photography. When she returned to Colorado, she received her teaching license at Regis University. Keely’s dad is a Colorado native and her Mom is from Illinois. They are retired and living in Conifer where they have recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. She has a sister who works for the National MS Society and a brother and sister-in-law who are teachers in Denver. She has three awesome nieces: Eloise, Penelope, and Agnes.

Keely taught for three years in Highlands Ranch at Saddle Ranch Elementary, and we have been blessed to have her at Sage Canyon since it opened. Her Colorado-native family loves the outdoors and spends much of their time hiking or snowshoeing. She has fond childhood memories of spending time up at Copper Mountain, her favorite resort, and in Crested Butte. Most Sundays are spent volunteering at the Intermountain Humane Society. Her passion next to teaching, is helping to foster and care for shelter animals. She has helped close to ten Sage Canyon families adopt a new furry family member!

Two things you may not know about Keely:  1) She lived in Ireland for about 18 months in college. Her favorite place she explored while traveling abroad was the beautiful country of Croatia.  2)  Her favorite book is Pride and Prejudice and she reads it every year.

Please join us in thanking Keely for the amazing work that she does at Sage Canyon every day!!!!


Spookfest is Coming!

SpookfestWith October here, we’re so excited for Spookfest! This is one of our most popular events of the school year. We’ll be celebrating the season on Friday, Oct. 23, from 6pm to 9pm at the school.

We’ve brought back all the popular favorites of Spookfest, plus added in a few new activities to make it even more fun. Be sure to visit our “Frightful Fairy Tales” Haunted House — if you dare! We’ll have the Little Tots Spooky Shack, games, prizes, face painting, carriage rides, candy walk, photo booths, and a glow stick dance party. And students — wear your best costume for the costume contest!

Buy advance tickets now for just $8, saving off the ticket price at the door for $10. Buy now at Or download and print the Spookfest order form and send it to school with your payment. Parents and children 3 and under are free!

Make sure to come hungry — we’ll have lots of food and yummy treats available for purchase. Plus, our popular Spooky Prize Baskets will be back again — purchase tickets to win a Spooky Prize Basket for just $1 each.

See you there!


October 2015 Newsletter

NewsletterOur PTO newsletter for October 2015 is ready for you! Get all the latest news — download our October 2015 Newsletter today. Enjoy!


Wrangler Run Success!

2015-09-24-315Thank you so much for supporting this year’s Wrangler Run! The program was a huge success, and we know everyone had a lot of fun. What an amazing day — thank you to all who volunteered today at the Wrangler Run! We are so proud of the students and all the running they did. And thank you to all those who pledged to support their laps!

There’s a little more left to do: We need your help collecting all our pledges. Our goal is to collect 100% of pledges by 09/30/2015. Log in to to pay your pledge today. Thank you!


One More Day to Get Pledges for the Wrangler Run!

BWR-Theme-RevealThe Wrangler Run is almost here! That means that today is the LAST DAY FOR PLEDGES BEFORE THE WRANGLER RUN. Please log your final pledges on to

Tomorrow, please have your student wear running shoes and comfortable running clothes. Remember, each student will also get a FREE school spirit wear t-shirt, thanks to our wonderful sponsors! Make sure your students are well hydrated and get plenty of sleep tonight. Tomorrow’s the big day!

Don’t forget, everyone is invited to come to the Wrangler Run tomorrow!
– K-2 – 9:30 AM
– 3-4 – 10:30 AM
– 5-6 – 11:30 AM

See you tomorrow!


Photos: Back to School Picnic (Aug. 10, 2015)

We had an amazing turnout for our Back to School Picnic — it was so great to see all the students, teachers, and families at school once again. Even the rainy weather didn’t stop the fun. A HUGE thank you to all our volunteers: teachers, staff, parents, and students. YOU are what make these events possible. We so appreciate you!

2015-08-10 16.48.18 2015-08-10 16.49.43 2015-08-10 16.50.24 2015-08-10 16.51.03 2015-08-10 16.51.35 2015-08-10 16.51.40 2015-08-10 16.51.58 2015-08-10 16.52.35 2015-08-10 16.53.03 2015-08-10 16.59.43 2015-08-10 17.08.30 2015-08-10 17.17.28

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