Meet 2nd Grade Teacher, Ms. Paula Bishop

9610DEDF-1351-4FCF-87FB-7FC0E170E134This month we have the pleasure of getting to know Paula Bishop. Paula lived in California when she was younger, but Colorado is her home. She started high school in Elizabeth, CO. She had horses, dogs, cats, and a bunny. Paula’s mom is a teacher and growing up she would tell Paula that she would be a great teacher. When Paula went to college at UNC in Greeley, her choices were either teaching or athletic training, but then she took chemistry and teacher it was! We are so happy it was and couldn’t agree more with her mom!

Paula spent a summer living in Kenya toward the end of her college years. She lived with a Kenya family, and it was a totally different life then she had ever experienced. She spent her time at the Mother Teresa Orphanage. There she saw what a big impact being a teacher could be.

Paula did her student teaching at Cherry Creek and worked for two years at Academy Charter. This is her second year at Sage Canyon as a 2nd grade teacher.

She met her husband at their really good friends’ wedding. She was the coordinator and he was the DJ. A year and half later those same friends were in their wedding!

Paula loves baking, spending time with her husband, and taking walks with her 7-month-old puppy, Satch. She got Satch from Mrs. Vaughan’s animal shelter. She also loves to travel and went to Italy this past summer.

We are so happy that we have Mrs. Bishop at Sage Canyon to teach our kids. Make sure when you see her to say “Hi!”