Meet 2nd Grade Teacher, Ms. Embrey!!

embreyThis month, for our teacher spotlight, we would like you to learn more about second grade teacher, Ms. Embrey. Ms. Embrey was born in Taiwan and moved to various amazing locations throughout her childhood ranging from Hong Kong, Rome, Milan, and Germany as her Dad worked with the State Department. Throughout her childhood, her family always returned to Northern Virginia in between their international stops. Betsy graduated high school from an international school in Hong Kong!

She graduated college from the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia, with a degree in Fine Arts and Teaching Certifications in Art and Early Childhood Education. After graduation, she took advantage of a position as an Airline Reservationist so she could travel. She then went on to obtain a degree in Advertising and Design and worked for the National Wildlife Federation.

She married her husband, who worked as a CFO for a builder, and moved to Colorado in 2000. Ms. Embrey has been teaching primarily 1st and 2nd grades throughout her career. She lives in Highlands Ranch and was one of the first teachers who opened Sage Canyon six years ago. Betsy has two daughters (24 and 20 years old). Her oldest daughter works as a social worker in Jefferson County, and her youngest received an academic scholarship and plays women’s ice hockey for the University of Massachusetts Boston where she is following in her mother’s footsteps with a Fine Arts degree, along with a degree in Communication.

In her spare time, Ms. Embrey loves to try new restaurants. She and her husband venture to all types of restaurants around Denver, with seafood being her favorite at the moment. Her favorite things to do are cooking, traveling, and spending time with her family.

Betsy has amazing stories of her childhood. She was reminiscing about a perfect Christmas in Austria when they would walk the beautiful streets in candlelight, with other families, on their way to church. One very touching and remarkable story is about her Mom. She was a nurse who helped open a clinic at the American Consulate in Hong Kong. Toward the end of the Vietnam War, she was instrumental in helping with something called Operation Baby Airlift. This was a US initiative that focused on getting orphaned Vietnamese babies out of Saigon and to the US for adoption. Her Mom’s picture is still on the website, and it is estimated that she helped get approximately 400 babies on flights to Seattle and Portland. Imagine caring for all those orphaned babies, feeding, changing, and caring for them as they made their way to the US. What an awe-inspiring piece of history.

Another amazing story was that Betsy was looking over her childhood scrapbook and saw a business-sized card which she had written underneath the words, “Someone’s Autograph.” It wasn’t until she was older that she realized that she had scrapbooked an autographed business-sized card of John Glenn. She had met the former astronaut and senator with her father who had helped with the Apollo mission as part of his job, when stationed in Italy.

When you see Ms. Embrey around school, please take a minute to thank her for everything she does for our kids. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to hear some of her amazing stories!

Thank you Ms. Embrey!!!!