Teacher Spotlight: Meet Our Principal Ms. Hill

HillThis month, let’s get to know our principal, Mandy Hill! Mandy, a 3rd generation Coloradan, was born in Aurora. She attended Eagle Crest High School and went on to attend Doane College in Nebraska for her undergraduate degree in Behavioral Sciences. She finished her teaching license at Metropolitan State College of Denver and went on to complete two Master’s Degrees in Instruction and Educational Leadership from University of Phoenix. Mandy is one of three kids and loves to say that she is the underachiever of her US Attorney and Corporate Litigator brother and sister. Somehow the word underachiever does not resonate with most of us when we think about Mandy Hill!!!!!

Mandy met her husband Gene in 1996 at school and married in 1999. They moved to Castle Rock 15 years ago. She began her career at Crawford Elementary teaching 5th grade in Aurora. When they moved to Castle Rock, she worked at Rock Ridge Elementary teaching 5th and 6th grades. Mandy was part of the Core Team that worked to open Sage Canyon Elementary and then began her career here as a 6th grade teacher.

When Mandy isn’t busy at our wonderful school, she keeps very busy with her kids Luke, 6th grade and Maddie, 4th grade. All things Luke relate to football and baseball. He’s been playing football since he was five and is now busy playing with the Dolphins. You can also ask Luke anything about his beloved Kansas City Chiefs and Kansas City Royals. Maddie has played softball but especially loves volleyball. She also has a true passion for singing. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll get to hear her during a performance at Sage. Mandy’s husband Gene is the Chair of the Special Education department and Head Football Coach at Douglas County High School. To round out their family, they have three rescue dogs: BA, Ella, and Jane.

Mandy is an avid reader, trying to read a book a week. Her favorite books are historical fiction and mysteries. She also loves going to the movies with her favorite movie being Billy Madison.

Most of you have met Mandy but if you haven’t please take a minute in the halls or outside and thank her for all the amazing work she does for our wonderful school!