Meet 3rd Grade Teacher Ms. Mann!!!!!!

mannMs. Mann grew up in Hillside, NJ, outside of New York City.  She has two sisters living back east and a brother who lives in Commerce City, CO. Ms. Mann has a truly amazing and inspiring family history.  Her Dad was a German immigrant who was held in a work concentration camp with his twin brother until the end of WWII. Her grandfather died in an Auschwitz concentration camp during WWII. Her father traveled to America by himself after the war and started a business; soon after the rest of his family came to live in New Jersey.

One amazing story that she tells is about her Mom who was injured during one of the Berlin bombings. When she was a little girl, her mother’s father was in America and used to send her dresses. She loved clothes so much and when the bombings would happen, she would wear all her dresses under her coat. She wanted to make sure she still had her dresses if the house got destroyed. One night during a horrible bombing, she ran outside with her Mom and Grandmother. They got separated, and she ended up in an alley. At one point a large amount of bricks fell from above and injured her Mom, burying her completely. The amazing part of the entire story, her coat was sticking out of the rubble, and people found her. Wearing the amount of dresses she had saved her life!

Ms. Mann moved to California and graduated from San Jose State. She put herself through college by building bridges for four years. Yes, Ms. Mann wore a hard hat and all and walked I-beams carrying rebar….impressive. She lived in the Bay area for 12 years where she was a substitute teacher while her kiddos were little. She and her husband Chuck have five kids: Erich (38) a high school teacher at South High School who is studying to be a principal; Rich (37) who works at the Cheesecake Factory and was in the Army; Briana (32) who works at Verizon and has a daughter, Annabelle who is 3 years old; Jacob(25) who is an electrician and Charlie Mann (19) who lives at home and is attending Red Rocks Community College to get a nursing a degree and is working towards becoming a firefighter.

In her free time, Ms. Mann knits (as she puts it, “constantly”), loves her yoga workouts and reads. When asked what type of books, “just a good story”. She also loves watching movies with her two Shih Tzus, PJ and Sparky; favorite movies are Gone With The Wind and The Princess Bride.

In July Ms. Mann and her husband are going to Italy for a long awaited two weeks. Another trip on their bucket list is to walk the Camino de Santiago trail in Spain.

Ms. Mann we appreciate your love of life and how it transfers to your kids. Thank you for all you do!!!!!