Spring Teacher Grants Awarded

As a culmination to our Spring PTO fundraising efforts, we wanted to send out an update on the results of the call for Spring Teacher Grants. A total of 10 new grant requests totaling $19,955 and spanning all grade levels were submitted for the Spring Grant process. Additionally considered was $38,535 in unfunded grant requests from the Fall grant process, brought forward to this grant review period.

While the Fall grant requests were primarily technology related, the Spring grant requests centered on new classroom furniture and Makerspaces, with two new technology requests. Once again, we are amazed and grateful for the thought and care that went into each of the grant requests. We have such a fantastic group of teachers here at Sage Canyon!

After careful consideration, we are pleased to announce that all Spring grant requests will be at least partially funded. In addition, we will be fulfilling a large portion of the outstanding Fall grant requests for technology across many grades. This incredible purchase of technology will:

  • Support teachers who want to incorporate technology into their classrooms
  • Reduce the student-to-technology ratio in classrooms
  • Provide the higher grade levels needed technology capabilities via ChromeBooks to support testing and their PBL curriculums

Here are the grants PTO will be fulfilling:

  • $26,000 in approved Technology Grants:
    • Amy Turba
    • Cynthia Thurston
    • Cheryl Brost
    • Robin Joyce
    • Stephannie Page
    • Kristin Folkers
    • Courtney Schubarth
    • Jessica Miller
    • Tony Lamb
    • Katie Bland/Keely Vaughan
    • Kelsey Chadrick
  • $5,965.19 in approved Other Grants:
    • 4th grade, furniture, $2,951.60
    • Danielle McGuckin, furniture and classroom supplies, $962.59
    • 3rd grade, furniture, $576
    • Laura Trimarco, furniture, $260
    • Student Council, Makerspace, $1,000
    • Jane Ewoniuk/Amy Fiedler, supplies, $215

Congratulations to these teachers! We are excited to see how these funds are put to use.

Parents: Thank you for your amazing fundraising support for this 2014/2015 school year. These dollars will bring tremendous value to our children, teachers and classrooms for many years to come. We so appreciate your support of our school and our teachers!

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