Teacher Spotlight: Meet First Grade Teacher, Ms. Brost!

Ms. BrostMs. Brost grew up in Piscataway, New Jersey, where she spent amazing summers on Long Beach Island surfing, fishing and working as a lifeguard. After moving from New Jersey to Colorado for what was supposed to be a year, she has now lived in Colorado for almost 30 years. She still considers the east coast home where she has extended family with over 100 cousins that get together annually!

Ms. Brost received a degree in Elementary Education and Behavioral Science from Metro State. She’s been teaching in the district for 15 years and before that was a teacher’s aide and volunteer coordinator. She spent several months substitute teaching to determine the grade that fit her best. She gravitates to the younger grades but thoroughly enjoys them all!

Ms. Brost has three daughters and two son-in-laws: Amy, Wendy, Roby, Michael and Tyler. They are all very busy with their careers. Amy is an Education Coordinator at the Denver Aquarium; Wendy is a Nuclear Physicist (aka rocket scientist!!!) at a nuclear power plant; Roby is a Metallurgist who analyzes how metal reacts to various environmental aspects; Michael (Wendy’s Husband) is a Petroleum Engineer for Eneridge and Tyler (Amy’s husband) is a Graphic Artist for a small commercial art company in Denver. WOW!!! She also has 3 four-legged babies: Saddie, Chibbles & Daisy. Ms. Brost has spent years fostering abused, injured dogs.

Over Christmas break last year, Ms. Brost and her kids spent one of the most exciting vacations when they went winter camping in Golden Gate State Park. What was most exciting…when a five-mile snowshoe trip turned into 12 miles in the dark!

One thing you may not know about Ms. Brost is she owns a Classic CX500 Honda motorcycle and a ‘very cute sparkly’ purple Virago. So, don’t be surprised if you see her riding out of Franktown or around the neighborhood one of these days!

Ms. Brost we appreciate your love of learning and dedication to your kids. Thank you for all you do!!!!!