Student Council

This month, we are happy to share an article our Sage Canyon Student Council — written by the students. Enjoy!

What is Student Council?
Student Council is a small in-school organization that aims to help our environment inside and outside of Sage Canyon. It’s split into three sub-committees: the Sustainability Committee, the Service Committee, and the Support Committee. Each of these subcommittees have a different goal to aim for, but as a whole Student Council, the mission is combined as a whole new purpose.

What is the Sustainability Committee?
The Sustainability Committee is the first out of the three committees. The Sustainability Committee’s main goal is the create an outdoor learning environment for Sage Canyon. To have living specimens rather than just a book makes it a whole new experience. For example, when you are learning about oxygen, wouldn’t you rather want a hands on experience with trees and plants rather than reading out of a textbook? As the Sustainability Committee at Sage Canyon (a PBL school), we aim to give this to the students who need to have hands on learning. What is better? To sit inside teaching kids about the outdoors? Or showing it to them and giving them the experience a textbook couldn’t imagine?

What is the Service Committee?
The Service Committee is the second of three sub-committees. As the Service Committee, our goal is to give back to the community. We put together projects such as the “Unselfie Project.” The Unselfie is a selfie, but represents you do something unselfish and giving back to the community. As Henry David Thoreau once said, “Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant?” Everyone is going through hard times. The question is, would you treat them differently if you knew what they are going through? The Service Committee’s most recent project is aiming to try and gain some empathy for and from all the students. We believe that everyone deserves to feel the support they have earned.

What is the Support Committee?  
The Support Committee is the third and final sub-committee. The Support Committee’s job is to work with local businesses to support our school. They have the privilege to contact businesses that will help our school in many ways such as setting up fundraisers or a donation. The Support Committee helps raise money for our learning needs.

What is Our Mission?
Student Council has a goal to help our school and community. We want to make this school community the best learning experience possible. Student Council always has a project to work on that will help our community in as many ways as possible. Our mission will go on forever, always helping the environment inside and outside our school grow into a better learning community.

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