Get Your Yearbook Today!

TreeRingWe are getting close to the FINAL DEADLINE for purchasing your 2014/2015 Sage Canyon yearbook. You must buy your yearbook by March 27! Get yours today — SKIP the teacher choice and just choose a grade: http://www.treering.com/purchase?Passcode=1014063018364659
If prompted, enter Passcode 1014063018364659

A few important facts:

  • Your personalized yearbook only costs $23 for softcover with a $6.95 hardcover upgrade option.
  • You’ll need to buy your yearbook and complete your two free personal pages by March 27.
  • Your two free custom pages are optional. If you don’t customize, you’ll receive a standard yearbook with two extra autograph pages.

NEW! We have a whole new section on our PTO website dedicated to the AWESOME features of this new yearbook: http://sagecanyonpto.digitalpto.com/fundraising/yearbook/