March 2015 Letter from the PTO President

SCPTODear Sage Canyon Families:

What a fantastic few weeks we have had. The Kids Invite Someone Special (KISS) dance was a huge success. What a great time watching all the Sage Canyon girls dressed up and dancing with their someone special. It was great to see so many Moms, Grandpas, Uncles, and of course Dads enjoying themselves. Mother-Son Bowling was a week later and a ton of fun pretending to be able to bowl. :)

Our Spring 360 Fundraiser wrapped up and once again, thank you so much for your generosity. We are pleased to begin our Spring Grant process; teachers are currently submitting their grants with a deadline of March 6th. We are working on getting this process completed quickly so we can distribute the grants as soon as possible to our teachers.

If you haven’t done so, please take a few minutes to visit our yearbook site: www.treering.com. Once you take a look at the capability of the two-page customizable layout, you will LOVE it. This is also the site that you will use to order and pay for your yearbook. The deadline for all orders and completion of the customizable pages is March 27th.

A heartfelt thank you to our volunteers that continue to help with our events: Leanne Vakoc and Tony Lamb for Mother-Son Bowling, all of our high school volunteers for the Frozen KISS Dance, and all of our amazing parents who helped feed our teachers during Parent Teacher Conferences:

  • Jennifer Gallivan
  • Terri Hebdon
  • Jessica Roger
  • Lissa Mitchell
  • Nikki Koster
  • Crystal Hector
  • Bonni Pratt
  • Tammy O’Brien
  • Vanessa Powers
  • Kellie Travis
  • Beverly Wilson
  • Jamie Hall
  • Cari Cusinato
  • Jackie Kobbe
  • Barbi Frazier
  • Julie Nelson
  • Julie Heath
  • Pamela Gaal
  • Jenny Romano
  • Kellie Horn
  • Leanne Vakoc
  • Andrea Deckart
  • Sherri Hedges
  • Kim Warcholik
  • Kerri Fowler
  • Gretchen Marquez
  • Traci Hower
  • Norma Aguilar-Dave
  • Amy Scholes
  • Tiffany Figueroa
  • Lindsey Bard
  • Tracy Nimmer
  • Stacey Kerber

Our next PTO meeting is March 11th at 630pm.  I hope to see you soon.

Sheryl Rose
Sage Canyon PTO President