School Spotlight: Meet our Front Office!!!

They are the first smiling Sage Canyon faces you see every day — meet Melissa Leinweber and Susan Jung.  We appreciate all of their efforts every day that ensures our wonderful school runs smoothly.  Both Melissa and Susan have been with Sage Canyon since it opened.

A Colorado native who grew up in Longmont, CO, Melissa now lives in Castle Rock with her husband of twenty years and 16-year old son, Brennen. Brennen attends Douglas County High School and is very focused on his academics. They have a 21-year old son, Jordan, who is attending Rider University in New Jersey on a baseball scholarship. Melissa has spent many a year with her family supporting Jordan’s competitive baseball and is super excited that he’s living his dream playing for Rider. Her husband, Tyson, works for the Douglas County Sheriff’s department.

When she is not at Sage Canyon, she loves to spend her free time with her family. She also has a brother in New Mexico that works for the SWAT team. Her dream vacation would be to go to Costa Rica. Actually it’s much more than a dream vacation, she and her husband would love to retire there.

One thing you may not know about Melissa — she loves animals. She would love to buy a little farm and take care of anything from goats, to burros and horses. She would love to be able to just spend her days tending to her farm.

Another Colorado native!! Susan grew up in Denver and graduated from West High School (all you Colorado natives know about that beautiful campus in Denver!). Susan has lived in various places across the US & Canada from Bakersfield, CA, Louisiana, and Montreal.  She came back to her hometown and was working at Cougar Run Elementary in Highlands Ranch before we were lucky enough that she moved to Sage Canyon.

Susan has two daughters:  Brandi who is living her dream as a fashion designer in Brunswick, NJ, and Serena who is stationed with the Army in San Antonio and recently got engaged! She also has one sister who lives in Colorado.

Susan loves spending her free time skiing in the awesome Colorado Mountains with her favorite resort being Beaver Creek. Her dream vacation, which is on her 2-3 year bucket list……GREECE! What you don’t know about Susan — she wanted to be a ballerina! She got hooked on the Nutcracker as a child and has had this dream ever since!

Thank you Melissa & Susan for all you DO!!!!!