Time to Order Yearbooks!

TreeRingIt’s time to order your yearbooks! Please visit our yearbook website at http://www.treering.com/validate?PassCode=1014063018364659. There, you can pay for your yearbook, customize your child’s two-page layout, upload pictures, and more.

There is also a mobile app you can use to easily upload mobile photos. Once you buy your yearbook, you will see the customizable two-page layout that you can update for your child. This is an extremely similar application to other photo book creation websites, but if you are in need of help, TreeRing has wonderful customer support as described on the website.  All yearbooks must be ordered, paid for, and the customizable pages complete no later than March 27th.

There are two options this year:  a soft cover option for $23 and a hard cover option for $30. Orders will be accepted via the TreeRing website – no paper orders or checks to worry about.

As always, any questions please reach out to PTO at [email protected].