Fall Teacher Grants Awarded

As a culmination of our Fall PTO fundraising efforts, we wanted to send out an update on the results of the call for Fall Teacher Grants. We received a total of 15 grant requests totaling $53,841 and spanning all grade levels.

A majority of the requests were technology related: 48 total iPads and 59 total ChromeBooks were requested! Additionally, there is building interest and excitement around new and innovative ways of furnishing classrooms to build student engagement, creativity and collaboration. We also received requests for learning materials to support our literacy and articulation needs programs.

We were amazed and grateful for the thought and care that went into each of the grant requests.  We have such a fantastic group of teachers here at Sage Canyon!  After careful consideration, six grants were chosen for funding, totaling $10,157. Plus, our PTO will be able to fund $4,500 to pay for part of our school’s Spring field trips across all grades. Remaining funding will be rolled to the Spring Grant Process.

Grants Approved:

  • Kali Goings (3rd) – $2,548 – Classroom furniture
  • Danielle Mcguckin & Carolynn Barthelemy(5th) – $2,000 – Classroom furniture
  • Kelsey Chadrick (4th) – $1,568 – 4 ChromeBooks
  • Amy Grey (RTI) – $505 – Furniture
  • Katie Bland & Keely Vaughan (5th) – $3,136 – 8 ChromeBooks on a cart
  • Cheryl Brost (1st) – $400 – Learning materials

Congratulations to these teachers! We are excited to see how you put these funds to use.

We know you might have questions about the technology grants approved. The school leadership has decided to do a comprehensive technology review given the following factors:

  • Continued high volume of technology requests via the PTO/grant process
  • Desire to enable teachers who want incorporate technology into their classrooms to do so and acknowledging the benefits of reducing the student to technology ratio in each classroom
  • Acknowledgement that the higher grade levels need technology capabilities that iPads do not provide to support testing and their PBL curriculum

We would like to strategically address the existing technology we currently have against the emerging need for more ChromeBooks at the higher grades. We may have the opportunity to reallocate iPads to the lower grades as the result of this evaluation, solving the need for better technology ratios in those classrooms. Therefore, you will see that a few of our teachers have received approval to test out ChromeBooks in their classrooms so that we can evaluate whether this platform will work in our school.

If you have questions about our Fall Grant Process, please contact us at [email protected]
Thank you for your support!

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