History of Popcorn Thursdays

PopcornWhat began as a fun idea blossomed into one of the Sage Canyon’s favorite fundraisers. The money raised goes into the PTO pool to fulfill grant requests for our teachers. Four years ago at the first PTO meeting, the idea of selling popcorn weekly was introduced as a means of raising funds all year round. Kimberly McSweeny volunteered to be the chairperson and sought other volunteers to meet every Thursday to pop, bag, and deliver the popcorn to the classrooms.

The Popcorn Committee now pops and bags approximately 650 bags of popcorn every week. It takes the volunteers over two and a half hours each Thursday to complete. Some of the volunteers have been doing this since the inception of Popcorn Thursdays, and we greatly admire their dedication and appreciate all they do! There are some new volunteers this year which are a tremendous help. This year, we thank all of these wonderful people who help each Thursday: Sue McGuilicuddy, Heather Stiffler, Kelly Travis, Amanda Gramling, Andrea Jones, Kimberly McSweeny, and Nikki Koster.

The popcorn committee really appreciates your support for this year-round fundraiser. To support your classroom with popcorn, please pay online and write in your teacher’s name at http://bit.ly/ptocart. Thank you!