Meet Third Grade Teacher: Ms. Pepper!

Heather PepperHeather Pepper affectionately refers to herself as an “Air Force Brat.” She was born at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada and moved every two years; attending eight different schools throughout her childhood. She spent most of her high school years cheer leading in Montgomery, Alabama. Heather’s father retired, and they moved to Colorado Springs, so she went to University of Northern Colorado (UNC) and received a degree in Speech Communications with an emphasis in elementary education. She went on to receive her Master’s degree in educational technology. Heather’s sister Tami has recently moved to Castle Rock.

Heather always loved school and knew from an early age that she wanted to be a teacher. She would set up her stuffed animals and practice by teaching them a variety of subjects!

Heather met her husband Jeff at UNC and they married in 1997. Jeff had his own framing business, was a superintendent for a local home builder, and ultimately changed his career to a South Metro firefighter in 2002. They have two kids: Ashley, 12 and Tyler, 9. Ashley started her first year of middle school at Mesa this year and Tyler is in Ms. Turba’s class. They have a yellow lab dog named Cooper and a Guinea pig named Holly who is super sweet and spends a lot of time munching on carrots.

In her spare time, Heather loves spending time with her family. They spend a lot of time outdoors, especially in Breckenridge on family hikes. She loves to read books that let her decompress, especially Nicholas Sparks. Her favorite type of music……everything but country.

A couple things you may not know about Heather…….she used to be an ice skater and met Scott Hamilton! A few years ago, she took the kids to Hollywood to see the famous Hollywood sign, and they were joking around about how they needed to meet a celebrity. They were walking around an outdoor mall and a band was playing so they made their way to take a look and stumbled upon a ton of Disney Channel actors from Ant Farm. The kids were super excited and they have the autographs and pictures to prove it.

If Heather could do anything right now it would be…………go on a honeymoon with Jeff maybe to Italy or Ireland. When you see her around school, please take a minute to thank her for everything she does for our kids!

Thank you Ms. Pepper!!!!!