Destination Imagination

DILogoDestination Imagination is program that encourages and equips students to become innovators and leaders. At Sage Canyon, teachers Ms. Fairchild and Ms. Wolfgang coordinate the students who participate in Destination Imagination. Our Sage Canyon PTO helps to fund this unique extra-curricular program for our school, so we wanted to share more information about this fun program.

Destination Imagination provides opportunities that inspire the global community of learners to utilize diverse approaches in applying 21st century skills and creativity. Teams take risks and have fun while solving challenges of their choice. Each student team will compete by showcasing their solution to their challenge at a regional tournament. The regional tournament will be in March, and teams have the opportunity to advance and compete at a state, national, and global level. Sage Canyon is excited to announce four teams that will be competing in the 2015 challenges.

Creature Feature – We have a team of six boys who are going to compete in this year’s technical challenge. They have to build a creature that uses technical methods to perform team-chosen actions, present a story of adventure with the creature as a character, and use technical methods to demonstrate features of a world where the story is set.

Feary Tales – Five students are taking on this fine arts project. They have to present a team-created fairytale about a character that faces and deals with a phobia. In addition, they have to create an expressive artwork that conveys a thought or feeling, create a functional artwork that serves a practical function, and design and create an illusion that makes the impossible seem possible.

The Improv Games – Six students will be solving an improvisational challenge. This challenge asks them to create three independent improvisational sketches, research and incorporate improvisational games and street performances, and practice integrating randomly selected situations and settings.

Animal Mish Mash – We have two first graders taking on the Rising Star challenge. They have to mix together two animals and give it the perfect new 3D- habitat. They need to create a play that showcases their creation.

The Sage Canyon PTO is proud to help support Destination Imagination at Sage Canyon. To learn more about Destination Imagination, contact Ms. Wolfgang or Ms. Fairchild.

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