Meet Kindergarten Teacher Ms. Fairchild!

Susan Fairchild, Kindergarten teacher, has been part of the Sage Canyon family since its opening. She grew up in North Platte, Nebraska, with her parents and two younger sisters, Randy and Sarah. Her mom still lives in the house she grew up in, and she has a very close-knit group of friends, so she loves to go back home often. One piece of trivia we can tell you about the little town of North Platte…..the Bailey railroad yards are the busiest railroad yards next to Chicago!!!

Ms. Fairchild moved to Colorado 10 years ago after graduating college with an interior design degree. She worked in the interior design industry for a few years before making the decision to focus her career on what she always wanted to be: a teacher. Ms. Fairchild went back to school at University of Phoenix and got her elementary education Master’s degree. She was working at a Parker elementary school when she found out about the opening of Sage Canyon. The rest is history!

Not only will you see Ms. Fairchild in the Kindergarten classroom, but she also works with our Destination Imagination program. This program is focused on students working through creative and collaborative problem solving challenges.

Ms. Fairchild bought a house in the spring and has been keeping busy with several remodeling jobs, most recently refinishing her kitchen cabinets. While the ‘do it yourself’ DNA is in her blood, she sure is glad to be able to eat in her finished kitchen after three months. Juggling her career, dog sitting, and remodeling her home takes a lot of time. Since she’s extremely busy with work and doesn’t think it would be fair to have a dog at home waiting for her, Ms. Fairchild loves to dog sit for several families. This allows her to have her foster pets and get that doggie fix we all love!

When she’s not working on her home, she loves to read and shop. Shopping is considered her weekend cardio. Reading is focused on everything education from math strategies to concepts in keeping kids engaged in the classroom.

One of the most intriguing and impressive facts about Ms. Fairchild occurred when she was a child. When she was in 3rd grade, she was diagnosed with Scoliosis. She wore one of those large back braces that spanned her head, neck and chest from 3rd grade until 9th grade. All the while, she was completely active playing sports like basketball, soccer, and volleyball. After hearing this, you get a better understanding on how Ms. Fairchild developed into such a dedicated caring individual who has persevered.

When you see Ms. Fairchild in the hallway, please take a moment to thank her. Many of the kiddos sitting in the classrooms through fourth grade have been blessed with her teaching style over the years.