School Accountability Committee (SAC) Meeting Update – Sept. 9, 2014

meetingAt present, we have 682 students enrolled and the final count, for purposes of per student budgeting, will occur in early October.

Assessment Update: SGCE uses a balanced assessment program meaning that we do not teach to the test.  Assessment scores demonstrate an overall positive trend in reading and math scores. Last year’s UIP focused on math and the math scores trended up according to the data indicating that the additional math focus boosted the kids’ math scores on the test. The testing evidences the need for additional development of writing skills; this year’s UIP will focus on writing. Lower than anticipated writing scores were prevalent across the district.

Safety: Ms. Ofer attended a meeting regarding the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) and advised that several drills are planned at SGCE. In the coming weeks, staff will be updated and trained regarding SGCE safety specifics. The drills will allow students and staff to practice responses to a variety of different stimuli and will include lockout, lockdown, evacuation, and shelter components. An upcoming blog post will further serve to educate the parent community about the timing and expectations for drills and safety in general.

Parent University Classes will soon be available online. These classes will address a broad range of topics perhaps including psychological support, suicide, divorce, study skills, CPR skills, etc.

Next meeting: Oct. 22 at 5pm in the Main Office Conference Room at school