Help Us Through Automation

All of us are strapped for time and looking for ways to do things quicker and more efficiently — our Popcorn Program is no different. Would you please help us? Using the online PTO cart to pay for your $13 classroom popcorn sponsorship really helps us by freeing up manual resources used to reconcile checks and sign-ups each week. Please use our online PTO cart to pay for your popcorn sponsorship and be sure to write in your teacher’s name.  This small change is huge and helps us direct limited volunteer resources to the oh-so-many things we want to focus on for our great school.

If you can pay online, we truly appreciate it!

The students love our Popcorn Thursdays. The funds raised through Popcorn Thursdays will be used to pay for teacher classroom supplies.

If you want to help with Popcorn Thursdays, please email [email protected] And we want to send a HUGE, HUGE thank you to all the popcorn helpers who donate their time every Thursday to make and deliver popcorn for our students throughout the school. Thank you!!

First Popcorn Thursday of the Year!