Popcorn Time!

PopcornThe popcorn committee members are happy to have your students back and are excited to meet your eager new students as well. We will start popping on Aug. 21.

For our new families, we pop popcorn every Thursday and sell it to our students for 50 cents a bag. This money will be used to pay for teacher classroom supplies. So not only is your student getting a great treat every Thursday, you’re supporting our school as well!

If you would like to buy (i.e. “sponsor”) popcorn for your child’s entire classroom, the cost is $13 regardless of grade level. We always give a free bag of popcorn to all staff and teachers (about 55 bags), so the $13 sponsorship helps offset the cost of these free bags. You can pay for your popcorn sponsorship online.

Some teachers may also use a SignUp Genius for sponsorships, but payments need to be sent in with your student or paid through the popcorn link. Very Important: Please denote on the check or make a comment on the link which classroom you are sponsoring. If you would like to sponsor your classroom in advance, we keep a running spreadsheet (the popcorn “bank”) of sponsored classrooms and let the teachers know in advance if they have a sponsor for the upcoming Thursday. Unfortunately, we do not provide an alternate snack if your child does not like or can’t eat popcorn.

We always welcome new volunteers! If you would like to volunteer with us on Thursday mornings (typically takes 2-3 hours and parents with young kids are welcome), please contact Kimberly McSweeny at [email protected]. Thank you!